Families USA: NFIB Now Supports Expanding Public Health Programs

During a conference call promoting the new Harry and Louise ads, Ron Pollack, the Executive Director of Families USA, revealed that the National Federation of Independent Business — a group which strongly opposed President Clinton’s health reform effort but now promotes changing “the status quo” — supports expanding public health programs:

In the conversation I had with Todd [Stottlemyer]….when I talked about…the problems with private health programs and their failure to meet people who in no doubt need support… I said to him that that it was a top priority for Families USA in terms of seeing change…[to expand public health programs]… He was not aware of that…[I told him] we are going to push really hard for that and he said he would support it.

Stottlemyer’s endorsement of an expansion of public health programs is a significant development and a welcome reversal from the group’s insistence that “Americans should receive their health insurance and healthcare through the private sector.”

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