McCain’s Health Plan Isn’t Kid Friendly

mccainkids2.jpgSen. John McCain’s health care plan leaves too many Americans behind. Individuals with pre-existing conditions, women, baby boomers and children will have a harder time finding affordable health insurance under McCain’s proposal to move individuals from large employer-risk pools — where the risk and cost of health insurance are spread across a large group of people — into unregulated individual plans.

In fact, a new report from First Focus concludes that McCain’s $5,000 one-size-fits-all tax credit discriminates against families with children. “A family will get the same $5,000 tax credit regardless of the number of children they have. Based on this design, families are penalized for every child,” the report concludes.

And it only gets worse. Since McCain deregulates insurers and allows companies to cherry pick the healthiest individuals, 19 million children “currently with employer coverage could be barred from insurance” in the individual market place “due to pre-existing conditions.” Children who require autism care, well care visits, or lead poisoning treatments could “lose the protection of having guaranteed benefits” once companies can relocate to states without consumer protections:


McCain’s proposed cuts to Medicaid and his lack of support for maintaining SCHIP — combined, the two programs cover approximately 26.4 percent of all children under 19 — would also erode the safety net programs that families rely on to keep their kids healthy.