REPORT: Cost Of Uninsured Adds $1,100/Year To Premiums Of Insured Families.

When the uninsured cannot pay for the care they receive, providers shift costs to Americans with insurance in the form of higher premiums. A 2005 analysis by Families USA concluded that “in 2005, premium costs for family health insurance coverage provided by private employers will include an extra $922 in premiums due to the cost of care for the uninsured.”

Today, an updated analysis by Ben Furnas and Peter Harbage concludes that a failure to continuously cover all Americans accounts “for roughly 8 percent of the average health insurance premium“:

This cost-shift amounts to $1,100 per average family premium in 2009 and $410 per average individual premium. By 2013, assuming the cost shift remains the same percentage of premium costs, the cost shift will be approximately $480 for an individual policy and $1,300 for a family policy.

So in other words, the uninsured matter to the insured, and the latter would be well served to eliminate the former. Read the full report here.