Timeline For This Weekend: 6 Different Votes To Pass 2 Bills

housevote1Over at The Treatment, Jonathan Cohn has asked Sarah Binder — a professor of political science at George Washington University and a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution — to give a preview into this weekend’s rather complicated procedural showdown. I suggest you read the full piece, but I’ve adapted her predictions into timeline of what to expect, as Democrats are now fairly confident that they will have 216 votes by Sunday:

– Saturday 9am: The Rules Committee will meet and debate the self-executing rule. “Before debate on a bill can actually begin, the bill’s rule must get approval from both the Rules Committee and the full House.” The self-executing rule will either tie the underlining Senate health care bill to the reconciliation package or the rule itself. Binder suggests that the rule will also prohibit “amendments from being offered on the floor to the reconciliation bill.” The committee will likely pass the rule 9-4. (There are 9 Democrats and 4 Republicans).

– Sunday 1pm: “When the House meets, Rep. Louise Slaughter (D-NY), chair of the Rules Committee, will call up the special rule on the floor for consideration.” After the debate, typically one hour for each side, the House will vote to 1) end debate on the rule and 2) vote for the rule and begin debating the reconciliation package. Both votes will need 216 votes.

– Sunday after 2pm: The House will begin debating the reconciliation bill. Once debate is exhausted, the House will vote to end debate before voting for the package. Binder points out that it’s also possible that Republicans will be able to offer a “motion to recommit” (a move that would send the bill back to committee) before the final vote.

So I count up to 6 different votes between tomorrow and Sunday and I’ll be live-tweeting and blogging them right here all weekend long!