How Doctors Will Benefit From The New Health Law

Yesterday, my boss Faiz Shakir noted that at least one doctor has admitted to laying off an “Obama voting employee” to protest President Obama’s new health care law. The doctor wrote, “Our reimbursement rates are spiraling downward, taxes are projected to go up with Obamacare, so I did it,” he said, adding: “I made this decision because I can.”

Faiz argues that “these purported concerns over burdensome costs on physicians is pure fear-mongering,” noting that the new health law actually “includes an increase in Medicaid payment rates” for 2013 and 2014, which is “expected to be pretty helpful” for most doctors. The increase in Medicaid reimbursements contradict the doctor’s claims, but they’re only the tip of the iceberg. Maggie Mahar helpfully points to the AMA’s extensive list of benefits for physicians. They include:

– 10 percent bonus for primary care physicians. All physicians in family medicine, general internal medicine, geriatrics and pediatrics whose Medicare charges for office, nursing facility and home visits comprise at least 60 percent of their total Medicare charges will be eligible for a 10 percent bonus payment for these services from 2011–16.

– 10 percent bonus for general surgeons performing major surgery in areas where more health professionals are needed. All general surgeons who perform major procedures (with a 10- or 90-day global service period) in a health professional shortage area will be eligible for a 10 percent bonus payment for these services from 2011–16.

– 5 percent bonus for mental health services. In  2010, Medicare is boosting payment for psychotherapy services by 5 percent. 

– Geographic payment differentials. In 2010 and 2011, Medicare will make a separate adjustment for the practice expense portion of physician payments that will benefit physicians in rural and low cost areas.

Now, the bill certainly isn’t perfect. It only increases payments for several years and doesn’t include a permanent SGR fix. But as Mahar notes, the positives certainly outweigh the negatives and nothing in the legislation should inspire physicians to fire their staffs. Doctors “will benefit from an influx of formerly uninsured patients who, thanks to government subsidies and new regulations will be able to seek care. Many of these patients will suffer from pre-existing conditions; others will be low-income Americans who may not have seen a doctor for some time.”


The doctor is now claiming that he was speaking in the hypothetical, but that makes my argument even more relevant:

there was no layoff of anyone at my office.

Any of you reddit dweebs can check my employment records or call my office on Monday.


I was merely making a hypothetical because of frustration with decreased reimbursements and future increased taxes.

It is really hard to believe that simply by posting a topic on the internet that I could make newspapers, several national talk radio talk shows-WITHOUT ANY VERIFICATION.

Whatever. What has the US become when you have entire web sites of people sitting around just waiting to screw with people and their families without even checking out the source.

Granted, all of this is my fault but any “Ag” who would screw with other Ags or this website because of one unverified post needs to seriously check out their life.

All you lefties can call off the preemptive strikes on me or my family, my wife actually was the one who made me do this because she feared for our safety.

I am done.

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