Huckabee Hits Romney: His Reform ‘Is The Blueprint For Obamacare And Provides Abortions For 50 Bucks’

During a somewhat uncomfortable interview with Ann Coulter, Mike Huckabee attempted to persuade the controversial columnist that he was more conservative than other potential GOP presidential contenders, going so far as to attack Mitt Romney’s health care reform plan for covering abortion services:

HUCKABEE: And I do appreciate you’re pro-life because you’ve been consistent on that except for one thing. During the campaign you called me a liberal, except you supported Mitt Romney whose health care bill is the blueprint for Obamacare and provides abortions for 50 bucks. So, is that conservative?

Watch it:

For his part, Romney has tried to portray his law as a conservative measure, telling Fox News’ Chris Wallace in March, “that it’s saving lives” and “is the ultimate pro-life effort.” But his law does provide Massachusetts residents with a comprehensive package of benefits which include “doctor’s visits, surgery, radiology and lab” and abortion services — a procedure Romney says he now opposes.