O’Donnell Stumbles In Explaining Her Opposition To Health Law During Debate

During tonight’s Delaware Senate debate, Christine O’Donnell was full of contradictions. She said she supported the new consumer protections in the Affordable Care Act but then promised to “fight to fully repeal that so that we can begin to enact real reform.” She argued against the individual mandate, before insisting that “nobody should be forced to pay for anyone else’s health care.” And finally, asked how she would treat an individual who chose not to purchase coverage but then became sick and needed medical care, O’Donnell was left without much of an answer:

ODONNELL: They could afford to buy a catastrophic only policy from across state lines.

BLITZER: But what if that person doesn’t want to buy it?

ODONNELL: Well, then we have to address that. We have to address that.

BLITZER: Would all of us taxpayers have to pay for that?

ODONNELL: No, anything that they do when they have another bill they can’t pay, make them pay that, hold them accountable for that.

KARIBJANIAN: Before or after they get care?

ODONNELL: Well, that’s up to the hospital. But right now, we’re forcing them to, we’re forcing them that they have to give care to illegal aliens.

Watch a compilation:

Desperate for any solution for how to encourage an individual to pay for his own medical bills without a mandate, O’Donnell concluded by accusing the moderators of trying to scare the public into supporting health care reform. “You’re also talking about a very small hypothetical using scare tactics to make people support this health care bill,” she said. “Nobody should be forced to pay for anybody else’s health care and that’s what Obamacare is doing.”