After Pulling Two Misleading Ads, American Action Network Says ‘This Is All Democrat Hyperventilation’

Yesterday, FOX CT, a local Fox affiliate in Connecticut, pulled an ad bankrolled by undisclosed donors to the American Action Network because “the commercial’s claims are unsubstantiated” and made “false or misleading statements” about the Affordable Care Act. Now, Politico’s Pulse is reporting that in Colorado, “AAN voluntarily took down an ad on the local NBC affiliate, 9News, that claims Rep. Ed Perlmutter (D-CO) supported a health reform bill that would pay for Viagra for rapists” after “a 9News reporter had posted a fact check challenging the ad’s claims late Monday.”

WOMAN 1: You have to check the article I sent you. Apparently convicted rapists can get Viagra paid for by the new health care bill.

WOMAN 2: Are you serious?

WOMAN 1: Yep! I mean Viagra for rapists? With my tax dollars? And Congressman Perlmutter voted for it.

Watch it:

But as the K9News fact check notes, “this is false. Perlmutter never voted for it.” “The new health law treats sex offenders who are not incarcerated the same way the old law did. They can buy any health plan they choose. Some might cover drugs like Viagra, some might not. The new law doesn’t say anything about these types of drugs.”

Meanwhile, an AAN spokesperson tells Politico that “This is all Democrat hyperventilation” and claims that they were planning on taking down the Colorado ad anyway.