Rep. Gohmert: Government Controls Vending Machines, Restaurants, Health Records Through Health Law

The ever-bombastic Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) told 1250 WTMA in South Carolina this afternoon that the Affordable Care Act “take[s] control” of “vending machines” and “restaurants” and even sends personal medical information to the federal government. “And of course big brother will have every one of your personal medical records,” Gohmert said:

GOHMERT: We take control of vending machines, of restaurants and of course big brother, your federal government will have every one of your personal medical records. Oh yea, we’re farming that out to a good loyal corporation, General Electric, that’s been very loyal to our President. And so, General Electric and the federal government will have access to everyone’s personal records and will be able to keep watch on people and make sure they’re doing what we think they should and will be able to tell who’s being a bully or who’s getting bullied. All of those federal issues that we’re hearing from the Democrats need to be ruled from Washington these days.


Conservatives began circulating this myth via chain-emails during the reform debate and Gohmert is still repeating it. In reality, the law did not change the existing protections that prevent anyone from sharing personal medical information with third parties without consent of the patient.

During the segment, Gohmert also suggested that Republicans may not be completely united in going after the mandatory funding (what Republicans are now referring to as “secret funding”) in the law. Echoing the concerns of Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) — who recently expressed frustration at the GOP’s reluctance to defund the mandatory spending — Gohmert said that Republicans must have “total commitment from our party that that is truly what we’re going to do.”