The GOP’s Mediscare: Democrats Have ‘Shred The Social Safety Net’

Greg Sargent notices that the GOP’s campaign to attack Democrats from the left on health care has once again jumped the shark with this ad from the National Republican Congressional Congressional Committee (NRCC) accusing Rep. Jerry Costello (D-IL) of supporting a “Democrat plan” that would “decimate” Medicare, “shred the social safety net,” and “leave seniors at risk”:

The awful plan Costello supported — otherwise known as the Affordable Care Act — extended the solvency of the Medicare trust fund by eight years and provided drug rebates to seniors who are in the Medicare Part D doughnut hole. The law also stabilized the program by instituting a board of health care experts and consumer advocates to make recommendations for lowering out of control spending in a transparent and accountable way. The House Republicans voted against all of these measures without offering any proposals for slowing down the rate of growth in the health care sector, so I’m sure they have a lot of very important things to say about how health care costs are going to bankrupt America.