Florida’s Rick Scott Continues To Turn Away ACA Money, Rejects $2.1 Million Grant To Help State Elderly

While most other states are implementing various aspects of the health care law, Linda Shrieves of the Orlando Sentinel reports that Florida Governor Rick Scott (R) has turned down another Affordable Care Act grant — bringing the total number of dollars the state has rejected or refused to apply for to at least $54 million. The $2.1 million federal grant rejected last week would have “paved the way for the state to receive $35 million in federal funding that would move elderly and disabled patients from nursing homes to their own homes during the next five years.”

“It just gets more and more outrageous,” Laura Goodhue of Florida CHAIN told the Sentinel. “People are getting upset, especially community providers because they know this money could be put to good use… . These are our seniors; they’re our grandparents.” Scott is one of the very few governors who has refused to accept almost any dollars from the Affordable Care Act while he is challenging the law in court. Here is some of the funding the state has rejected:

— Part of a $40 million federal program to promote wellness, including helping those with chronic diseases, such as diabetes, manage their health.

— $8 million for construction of community-health centers.

— $3.4 million for in-home visitations with at-risk families.

— $2.1 million to set up a consumer-assistance office to educate Floridians about health insurance and assist them in appeals when insurers deny treatment.

— $2 million for hospice care for children.

— $2 million to $650,000 to help low-income seniors pay their Medicare premiums and buy prescription drugs.

— $1 million grant to help the state plan a health-care-exchange system that would let consumers compare insurance plans.

— $1 million to help the state insurance agency monitor rising health-insurance rates.