POLL: Americans Have Mixed Reactions To State Abortion Restrictions

As a wave of abortion restrictions sweeps the nation, a new Gallup Poll conducted between July 15-17 finds that “large majorities of Americans favor the broad intent of several types” of laws limiting access to abortions, but have very “mixed or negative reactions to others.”

An overwhelming majority — 87 percent — supported “informing women of certain risks of an abortion in advance of performing it,” and 70 percent backed “requiring parental consent for minors and establishing a 24-hour waiting period for women seeking abortions.” Fifty-seven percent, however, said they opposed “laws prohibiting health clinics that provide abortion services from receiving any federal funds”:

Interestingly, the partisan divides are far greater than differences of opinion based on gender:

As the Guttmacher Institute reports, 19 states enacted 80 new anti-abortion laws in the first half of 2011, “up from 23 such laws enacted in 2010 and shattering the previous record of 34 set in 2005.” Eight states have passed laws restricting abortion coverage that is “offered in any private health plan (including coverage through an exchange), and six others have restrictions that apply only to coverage through health exchanges.”