Michele Bachmann To Release Health Reform Plan, Will Likely Mimic RyanCare

“We plan to unveil a formal health care plan in the coming weeks,” Bachmann spokeswoman Alice Stewart wrote in an email to the Washington Examiner’s Phil Klein. Bachmann’s proposal will likely mimic Paul Ryan’s Medicare-privatization scheme, which her website touts as the “very first step on health reform, and I voted for it with an asterisk with further reforms in mind.” “As President, I will work to unleash the power of medical innovation and personal choices,” the site says. “Because a cure is always better and cheaper than care – after all, it was once predicted we would spend billions a year on polio. I will empower your families and doctors, not unelected bureaucrats, to make the right decisions about the shape and form of your health insurance, your quality of care and your course of treatment. And I will push for greater competition in the healthcare market.”