Beneficiaries Take To The Streets To Protest Medicaid Cuts

A group of approximately 175 protesters are urging Congress to reject cuts to the Medicaid program, Talking Points Memo’s Ryan Reilly is reporting. Yesterday, President Obama unveiled a deficit reduction plan that would reduce federal Medicaid spending by approximately $66 billion, far lower than the $100 billion he originally proposed. Advocates argue that the administration’s proposal to “blend” the Medicaid reimbursements would shift costs to the states and lead to program reductions, but under the plan unveiled yesterday, the blended rate would not go into effect until 2017 and would produce a more modest amount of savings. The Republicans’ proposal meanwhile, would reduce federal spending on Medicaid by $1.4 trillion from 2012 to 2021 and covert the program into block grants.

Reilly’s pictures of the protesters as the moved from the Senate Hart office building to the Department of Health and Human Services:


TPM has posted this video:

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