MAP: States With The Most Harmful Abortion Restrictions

The New York Times’ Dorothy Samuels offers this new map on states’ growing efforts to restrict access to abortion services. States with the darkest shade “have enacted five of the most harmful restrictions: mandatory waiting periods; demeaning “counseling” sessions lacking a real medical justification; parental consent or notification laws that pose a particular hardship for teenagers from troubled homes, including incest victims; needlessly onerous clinic “safety” rules governing such things as the width of hallways and the amount of storage space for janitorial supplies; and prohibitions on abortion coverage in insurance policies. States in lighter shades have fewer of these restrictions. Twenty-seven states have enacted three or more of these laws, while only 12 states, shown in white, have none”:

According to the Guttmacher Institute, in 2011, states enacted at least 61 abortion restrictions, more than double the previous record of 28 abortion restrictions in 1997: