Kathleen Sebelius Speaks Out Against Bullying Based On Size, Sexual Orientation, Religion

HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius appeared on MSNBC this morning to highlight the government’s anti-bullying and anti-obesity efforts, noting that kids get bullied “because of their size, of their shape, of their color, of their sexual orientation, their religion, how they look.” “I think what we have to be able to do is have parents and adults and community leaders teach kids about tolerance — celebrate the notion that we’re not all the same and that makes America a bigger and stronger country,” she said.

Sebelius also strongly condemned cyberbullying, which she described as “pretty invisible” and “even a scarier atmosphere for kids to be in.” “The problem is getting worse in that regard, there there are now ways can go after kids and never be seen by anybody,” she added. Watch it: