Judge Won’t Block Kansas Law Prohibiting Insurers From Covering Abortions

Yesterday a federal judge declined to stop a Kansas law that severely limits the availability of insurance coverage for abortions. The law took effect in July, but the American Civil Liberties Union asked for a temporary injunction while the courts decide whether it should be upheld. The Kansas legislature, which is openly hostile to reproductive rights and tried to make their state the first where women cannot get an abortion, barred insurers from offering coverage for abortions as part of basic health plans. This of course places a disproportionate burden on poor women who often can’t afford to pay for abortions out of pocket. Yet Judge Wesley Brown, who at age 104 is the oldest federal judge still hearing cases, bizarrely ruled that the ACLU had failed to prove that the legislature approved the law to make it more difficult to receive abortions in the state.