Morning CheckUp: October 6, 2011

Republicans deliver 1.6 million signatures for repeal: “About a dozen Congressional Republicans gathered Wednesday morning to pressure Democrats to repeal the president’s health care law and to receive 1.6 million hand-signed petitions demanding that Congress overturn the law before it can be fully implemented.” [The Note]

FDA looks to spur innovation: “Establishing the infrastructure to support personalized medicine, creating a quick development pathway for therapies and improving the medical-device review process are among the major actions the Food and Drug Administration outlined in a new report released Wednesday. [Modern Healthcare]

What makes a bad hospital?: A new study published in Health Affairs classifies 3,229 hospitals by quality, using Medicare’s reports of how often each hospital followed recommended guidelines of care. It finds that the worst hospitals had similarities. They tended to be small public hospitals and for-profit institutions in the South. They treated twice as many elderly, black patients as did the 122 “best” hospitals (those that provided high-quality care at a low cost). [Kaiser Health News]

Sebelius says GOP is rolling back progress for women: “In other words, they don’t just want to go after the last 18 months, they want to roll back the last 50 years in progress women have made in comprehensive health care in America,” Kathleen Sebelius said at a NARAL Pro-Choice America luncheon. “We’ve come a long way in women’s health over the last few decades, but we are in a war,” she said. [AP]

Duffy to offer his own health bill: Rep. Sean Duffy (R-WI) says he will soon introduce an alternative to the Affordable Care Act, but did not offer any specifics or timeline for the bill. Duffy “reneged on a campaign pledge that he would only vote to repeal the health care reform law if there was something on the table to replace it.” [HTR News]

GOP asks for CLASS report: “Congressional Republicans are demanding access to an actuarial report on the embattled CLASS program created under the healthcare reform law. The Health and Human Services Department said in a recent blog post that it has received an actuarial analysis of the CLASS program — a response to widespread concern that the program is insolvent and might not actually come to fruition.” [Sam Baker]

Dems call for negotiation in Part D: “Seventy-eight House Democrats have signed on to a letter urging the deficit-cutting supercommittee to allow Medicare to negotiate prices for prescription drugs.” [Julian Pecquet]