Obama Embraces ‘Obamacare,’ Touts Coverage For Mammograms And Contraception

President Obama isn’t backing down from a fight over his signature health care law as he gears up for re-election. The president embraced the term “Obamacare” during a fundraiser in St. Louis, Missouri on Tuesday night, proclaiming, “They call it ObamaCare? I do care! You should care, too.” “Some of these folks making central to their campaign pledge to make sure that 30 million people don’t have health insurance. What kind of inspiring message is that,” he asked.

Obama went through some of the benefits of the law, highlighting a provision that will require new insurance plans to cover contraception — and other women’s health care services — without additional out of pocket charges. Partial transcript from the event:

OBAMA: Insurance companies can’t drop your coverage for no good reason. They won’t be able to deny your coverage because of preexisting conditions. Think about what that means for families all across America. Think about what it means for women.

AUDIENCE MEMBER: Birth control —

OBAMA: Absolutely. You’re stealing my line. Breast cancer, cervical cancer are no longer preexisting conditions. No longer can insurance companies discriminate against women just because you guys are the ones who have to give birth.


THE PRESIDENT: Darn tooting. They have to cover things like mammograms and contraception as preventive care, no more out-of-pocket costs. And while it will take a couple of years for all the reforms to fully take place, already we’ve got seniors all across the country who have gotten $250 to help them pay for their prescription drug benefit. And nearly 1 million young adults already have health insurance because of it — 1 million more young people. That’s an incredible achievement. The Affordable Care Act is working.

Obama first embraced “Obamacare” during a tour through the midwest in August, saying, “I have no problem with folks saying ‘Obama Cares.’ I do care. If the other side wants to be the folks who don’t care, that’s fine with me.”