House Committee cuts funding for U.N. organization that prevents women’s deaths, HIV

The House Foreign Affairs Committee voted to deny $50 million to the U.N. Population Fund, an organization that provides reproductive health care to more than 1 million poor women and children worldwide. That money would help prevent 7,000 maternal and newborn deaths, provide surgeries to 10,000 women, and provide contraception to 1 million couples in developing countries. Republicans slashed the spending, citing disapproval of the UN and UNPF’s affiliation with China and its one-child policy. Chief of the Washington UNFPA office Sarah Craven countered GOP arguments, telling the Huffington Post, “not one dime” goes to China’s abortion policy. UNPF is a victim of the “global gag rule”, which prohibits any U.S. funding to foreign organizations that provide abortion services.

Rebecca Leber