Herman Cain Curbed Health Benefits As Pizza CEO

Herman Cain’s health care prescription for America is the standard the Republican line: repeal the Affordable Care Act and allow individuals and families to purchase health care coverage on the unregulated individual market. And as the Wall Street Journal’s Janet Adamy notes, it’s the kind of approach Cain spearheaded as CEO of Godfather’s Pizza, curbing business costs by cutting health care benefits and offering group insurance to a tiny percentage of employees. “Of the chain’s 3,418 workers at corporate-owned operations, 593 were eligible for Godfather’s health-insurance plan, and 409 enrolled, according to figures Mr. Cain provided in 1994. The company paid 75% of the cost of the plan and workers picked up the remaining 25%. Providing insurance cost the company $500,000 in 1994, and accounted for 2.5% of the company’s payroll, Mr. Cain said at the time.”