Rick Perry Dodges On Personhood

At an town hall campaign event in Kansas today with Gov. Sam Brownback (R), Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) declined to take a stand on the controversial anti-choice Personhood Amendment, which Mississippi voters rejected this month. Kansas is at the front lines of the war on a woman’s right to choose, but when Perry was asked if he supported the personhood amendment there, the White House hopeful gave a lengthy, rambling answer touting his anti-choice bona fides, but never taking a stand on the issue in question. Watch it:

The fact that even someone as conservative as Perry — along with other GOP presidential candidates like Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) — won’t stand on the amendment underscores how radical it is. The amendment would define life as beginning at conception, thus potentially outlawing certain forms of birth control. Mississippi’s conservative Republican governor, Haley Barbour, also expressed concern about the amendment, as did Catholic bishops and other religious leaders.

Nonetheless, GOP front runner Mitt Romney suggested he would be open to a something along the lines of a personhood amendment when he said he would “absolutely” back a constitutional amendment that defined life as beginning at conception.