Bachmann Fear Mongers: Health Reform Will Allow Planned Parenthood To Perform ‘Chemical Abortion’

Michele Bachmann claimed that the Affordable Care Act would allow Planned Parenthood to perform “chemical abortion,” during Saturday night’s Thanksgiving Family Forum hosted by the FAMiLY Leader. The claim is a complete misreading of health reform’s regulations, which would require insurers to cover women’s preventive health services without additional cost sharing. Watch it:

The rule is based on recommendations from experts at the Institute of Medicine and would provide services like well-woman visits, screening for gestational diabetes, sexually-transmitted infection counseling, and FDA-approved contraception methods and contraceptive counseling at no additional costs. Bachmann is referring to two emergency contraceptives — Plan B and Ella — that don’t disrupt a pregnancy that has already begun. The medication works by primarily inhibiting ovulation (it can also theoretically prevent implantation of a fertilized egg). Conservatives argue that this is an early form of abortion, although the medical community disagrees and sees theses kinds of contraceptives as birth control devices.