Morning CheckUp: December 5, 2011

Health care lawsuit faces hurdle: “The woman chosen to represent the legal challenge to the Obama administration’s health-care overhaul filed for bankruptcy in September after her business failed, a move that could pose problems for the high-profile lawsuit.” [WSJ]

Abortion activists split: “A widening and emotional rift over legal tactics has split the anti-abortion movement, with its longtime leaders facing a Tea Party-like insurrection from many grass-roots activists who are impatient with the pace of change.” [NYT]

Access to care varies in NYC: A new report finds that large swaths of NYC “failed to meet federal recommendations for the number of primary-care physicians needed for adequate care, according to findings expected to be released Monday by the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. And one-third of adults who did have a primary-care doctor reported they had to wait more than two days for an acute illness or injury, according to the findings.” [WSJ]

SGR pay-for still up in the air: “The GOP is looking to pay for a Medicare physician payment patch by cutting funds from the health reform law’s Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation and exchange subsidies program — and lawmakers are seeking a budget score on both, along with other possible payment offsets.” Democrats are hoping to use war savings to pay for the measure. [Inside Health Policy]

Insurer spending regs finalized: “Insurance plans will soon have to give consumers more information about how their premium dollars are spent, even if the spending meets new federal requirements. The disclosure requirements were included in final regulations on the healthcare reform law’s medical loss ratio (MLR) provision. The Health and Human Services Department finalized its MLR rules Friday.” [Sam Baker]

Minnesotans can test drive their exchanges: “Minnesotans will be able to test drive the state’s future health insurance marketplace when several prototypes of insurance exchanges are made available online Monday for public review.” [MPR News]

Health care reform creates new business opportunities: “While some in the business community are making dire predictions about what federal health care reform will mean for the private sector, others are taking a look at how the changes might open new channels for sales.” [Business Review]