Survey: New York Small Businesses More Likely To Offer Health Insurance If Exchange Is Available

The New York state Senate is dragging its feet in implementing the Affordable Care Act’s state exchange, but a new survey from HealthPass finds that New York’s small businesses strongly support the measure and say they may be “more likely to offer health insurance if such a health insurance exchange were available”:

The survey found that more than eight in ten (84%) respondents describe health insurance exchanges as a “good idea” after reading a description of the proposed New York State SHOP (small business) Exchange. Additionally, more than three-fourths of respondents (76%) would consider using such a health insurance exchange when enrolling their employees in a health benefits program. Even more striking, among businesses that do not currently provide health insurance to their employees, 60% said they would be more likely to offer coverage if an exchange was available.


Interestingly, despite increasing health care costs, small businesses say they would consider providing health insurance in the future, with 75 percent of respondents agreeing “that offering health care benefits helps them attract and retain quality employees.”

The Department of Health and Human Services estimates that 29 states “are making significant progress in creating Affordable Insurance Exchanges.”