Anti-Abortion Activists Plan To Harass Women With ‘Empty Manger’ Christmas Caroling

This holiday season, anti-abortion activists in several states are renewing one of their favorite traditions: harassing women in front of family planning clinics with mean-spirited Christmas carols.

RH Reality Check reports on the antics of Pro-Life Wisconsin:

Yes, for the few days leading up to Christmas, Pro-Life Wisconsin has pledged to deck the halls, or at least the sidewalks, of Wisconsin clinics with Christmas carols for the “empty mangers” that will exist due to abortion.

Via their website: Last year’s Empty Manger Christmas Caroling effort was so popular, we’re doing it again this year, and in more cities to boot!

What better way to bring the joy of Christmas to a place where hopelessness abounds?

Meanwhile, the Pro-Life League’s website lists a jam-packed schedule of anti-abortion Christmas caroling in the Chicago area. Events are also listed in Birmingham, Alabama, and several California cities.

In the true spirit of the holidays, women who need help from reproductive clinics will now have face a swarm of religious ideologues who have turned their condemnation into song for the occasion.