Wary Of Romney’s Own Support For Mandate, PAC Ad Edits Out Mention Of Gingrich’s Flirtation With The Idea

Last week, the pro-Romney Restore Our Future PAC accidentally posted a new ad called “Baggage,” targeting Newt Gingrich for his 30 years as a Washington insider and his multiple positions on several issues, including his past support for a national individual health insurance mandate. “And Newt was a long-time supporter of a national health insurance mandate, the centerpiece of Obamacare,” the ad charged. “Maybe that’s why George Will called Gingrich, ‘the least conservative candidate.'”

At the time, I observed that the Romney attack is peculiar since the “baggage” Gingrich is accused of carrying is also borne by the Massachusetts governor, who signed a state law that included the personal responsibility requirement and has previously advocated for a federal mandate. Well, the Romney folks seem to agree, because as Greg Sargent has discovered, the new version of the ad edits out any mention of Gingrich having supported the mandate. Watch both side-by-side:

As Sargent observes, “Clearly, Romney did once envision the mandate as a solution that could be national, or quasi-national, in scope. So you can see why it was probably a good idea to leave the attack on Gingrich for favoring a national mandate on the cutting room floor.”