Morning CheckUp: January 4, 2011

Romney squeezes out a razor thin victory in Iowa: “Mitt Romney beat former senator Rick Santorum in the Iowa caucuses by a total of 8 votes, after state officials tallied more than 100,000 votes over six-plus hours in the closest such election in state history. It was a stunning end for what had been a volatile runup to the vote-taking. [Boston Globe]

Gingrich to take on “Massachusetts moderate” in New Hampshire: “It’s on to New Hampshire for at least some of the Republican presidential candidates, and The Associated Press reports that Newt Gingrich will take out a full-page ad in the New Hampshire Union Leader Wednesday contrasting himself as a “bold Reagan conservative” against Mitt Romney, who he labels a “timid Massachusetts moderate.” [NPR]

Texas abortion law under review: “A federal appeals court will review a judge’s decision to temporarily block the state of Texas from enforcing a law requiring doctors to show sonograms to patients and describe the images before an abortion.” [Statesman]

Arkansas AG rejects personhood amendment: “Attorney General Dustin McDaniel today rejected a proposed constitutional amendment that would ban some abortions in Arkansas. McDaniel cited ambiguities in the measure submitted by Personhood Arkansas and said the text was misleading as to the relationship between the measure and federal law.” [Arkansas News]

Economist questions logic behind Wyden/Ryan premium support: “But the markets for insurance and health services are not like most markets, and there is scant evidence to support the Ryan-Wyden assertion,” economist Laura D’Andrea Tyson argues. “The cost savings from managed competition are hypothetical and uncertain – in fact, there are reasons to fear that such a system could actually increase costs.” [NYT]