Romney Dismisses Uninsured Voter, Blames Obamacare

An uninsured voter pressed Mitt Romney on his opposition to universal health care as he was leaving a town hall event in Bedford, New Hampshire on Monday. The former Massachusetts governor has defended his state’s health care reform law, but promises to repeal the Affordable Care Act and allow states to develop their own health care policies.

At the event, Romney asked the woman if she had insurance, and when she said she did not, he appeared to blame President Obama’s health reform law for her status:

“When you signed into law Romneycare, I was excited,” the woman said, her hands firmly clasped between Romney’s. “You seemed proud to do that. And then when the country copied you, it just seemed like there was hope for people like me.”

“How have you done since then?” Romney responded, repeating himself and drawing closer as the woman continued to speak.

I don’t have health care, sir, and I’m scared,” the woman, who claimed to be a small business owner, continued.

That tells you something doesn’t it?” Romney said. “Tells you something.

It hasn’t gone into effect yet,” she answered, while Romney moved on to meet less combative people.

Watch it:

Indeed, the coverage provisions of the Affordable Care Act do not go into effect until 2014. But Romney — displaying no more regard for the uninsured — has proposed repealing the law in its entirety and promoting individual high deductible plans with higher cost sharing that would (theoretically) encourage everyone to use less health care services. Older people with pre-existing conditions will have a harder time finding affordable coverage if Romney implements his proposal to further deregulate the health insurance industry.