Pennsylvania Slashes 88,000 Children From Medicaid Rolls

The Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare reveals that 88,071 children were cut from the Medicaid rolls since August as a result of the department Secretary Gary Alexander’s (R) efforts to “reduce waste, fraud, and abuse.” Alexander ordered an increase in eligibility reviews of beneficiaries in July and, now 80 percent complete, the reviews have resulted in the slew of cuts. The numbers don’t count an additional 23,000 children that DPW cut but eventually restored after the families secured legal help. Advocates note, however, that “poorer people may be less likely to call a lawyer, and child advocates believe thousands have no idea they are now uninsured.” DPW is also enforcing a stricter food stamp eligibility requirement that disqualifies any low-income Pennsylvanian with $2,000 or more in assets, as they are “too rich” for aid.