House GOP Plans To Replace Affordable Care Act With Provisions Already Part Of Reform

GOP lawmakers plan to present an alternative to President Obama’s health care reform law after the Supreme Court rules on the constitutionality of the law this June. Speaking to reporters at the Capitol, House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Joe Pitts (R-PA) listed a number of policy ideas Republicans would consider in a replacement bill, “such as giving the tax break for health insurance to the employee instead of the employer, medical liability reform, creating high-risk medical ‘pools’ and allowing insurers to sell their products across state lines.” Still, it’s been over a year since the GOP pledged to “repeal and replace” Obama’s health care law, and the party has yet to produce a concrete plan or consider any legislation in committee. What’s more, the Affordable Care Act already includes variations of the provisions Pitts is proposing. The law provides tax credits to help individuals and families afford insurance, invests in studying alternatives to the malpractice system, has enrolled at least 44,852 Americans in high-risk pools and yes, even allows insurers to sell policies across state lines. — Fatima Najiy