Morning CheckUp: January 27, 2012

Santorum goes after Romneycare at debate: “Rick Santorum, in his strongest attack yet on Mitt Romney, insisted that the issue of Romney’s CommonWealth Care was a “foundational” issue in the campaign, one that could not be “given away” in the general election to President Barack Obama.” [Huffington Post]

Health plan summaries at risk: “One of the most popular provisions of President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul — consumer-friendly summaries of what your insurance plan covers — suddenly seems to be at risk.” [AP]

Cancer screenings fall short of targets: “According to new stats out today from the CDC, not enough people are following the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force’s recommendations for getting regular breast, cervical and colorectal cancer screening tests. And the picture looks even worse when you look at specific racial and ethnic groups, namely Asians and Hispanics.” [WSJ]

Abortion coverage bill clears Washington house: “State lawmakers are moving ahead with a bill that would require most health insurers offering maternity care to also cover elective abortions. The bill, known as the Reproductive Parity Act, passed out of the House Health Care and Wellness Committee Thursday by a 7-3 vote.” [Seattle Times]

Virginia advances abortion restrictions: “A Senate committee where abortion restrictions once routinely died approved a bill Thursday that would force pregnant women to have ultrasound images made of their fetuses before having an abortion. The Senate Education and Health Committee’s Republican majority advanced the bill to the Senate floor on a party line 8-7 vote.” [AP]

Single-payer bill falls short in California: “California’s ‘Medicare for all’ universal health care legislation fell short of the 21 votes needed to pass the state Senate today. Senate Bill 810 failed on a 19-15 vote during this morning’s floor session, with four moderate Democrats abstaining and one voting no.” [Sacramento Bee]