Morning CheckUp: January 30, 2012

Republicans still worried about Romneycare: “Even if he does poorly in Florida, Santorum is not going away. He said Friday he will continue his campaign into other states and repeated his criticism of Romney, calling his position “a big, big liability for us going into this general election.” Gingrich joined in during a stop Saturday in Winter Park, telling voters it would impossible to have a “rational debate” with “Romneycare” resembling the national law.” [Tampa Bay Times]

Gingrich wants to investigate in vetro clinics: “Republican presidential contender Newt Gingrich called Sunday for a commission to study the ethical issues relating to in vitro fertilization clinics, where infertile women receive treatment to get pregnant and large numbers of embryos are created.” [AP]

CMS seeks drug savings: “The CMS said the federal and state governments would save about $17.7 billion over five years with adjustments to the way Medicaid pays for prescription drugs.” [Modern Healthcare]

Democrats prepare to go after Republicans on Medicare privatization: “Ryan last week announced that’s he’s eying the same types of Medicare changes in the budget he intends to propose this year… Democrats are practically drooling at the opportunity to hammer Republicans once more on Medicare.” [The Hill]

Electronic health records need a lot of work: “America may be a technology-driven nation, but the health care system’s conversion from paper to computerized records needs lots of work to get the bugs out, according to experts who spent months studying the issue.” [AP]

Romney’s persuasive defense of the individual mandate: “For a candidate who keeps vowing to repeal the 2010 federal Affordable Care Act, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney sure can make a convincing argument on its behalf.” [Julie Rovner]