Morning CheckUp: February 1, 2012

Employment rising in health care: “Health care — including doctors, nurses and hospitals — was the largest contributor to employment growth in the past two years, with a 22 percent share that was almost twice as big as manufacturing.” [Bloomberg]

High-risk insurance pools face lifetime limits: “Thanks to the health care overhaul, most people no longer have to worry about getting sick and running out of health insurance coverage…Unfortunately, though, the change doesn’t apply to plans that enroll some of the sickest people: those who buy coverage in so-called high-risk insurance pools.” [Kaiser Health News]

Judge blocks California from cutting Medicaid: “A federal judge in California issued a tentative ruling that blocks the state of California from cutting Medicaid payments by 10% for physicians, clinics, pharmacists, dentists, ambulance providers and durable medical equipment suppliers.” [Modern Healthcare]

Contraceptives recalled: “Around one million packets of birth control tablets are being recalled in the US, as they might not prevent pregnancy. The pharmaceutical company Pfizer said a “packaging error” meant the doses were not correct.” [BBC News]

Single-payer bill struggling in California: “Sen. Mark Leno is trying to get 20 of his fellow California state senators to vote in favor of his single-payer health care legislation this week. The proposed law, dubbed the “Medicare for All” bill, doesn’t look likely to pass.” [Healthy Cal]

Democrats try to amend VA ultrasound bill: “Efforts are under way in the Virginia Senate to modify legislation that would require a woman to have an ultrasound before having an abortion….An amendment being formulated by Democrats would require a physician to offer an ultrasound, but make the ultrasound optional for the patient.” The bill is expected to receive a final vote today. [Richmond Times Dispatch]