Virginia’s Republican Controlled Senate Committee Rejects Restrictive Abortion Bill

The Republican controlled Virginia Senate committee has voted down legislation that would have forbidden women from having abortions after the fetus has reached 20-weeks gestational age. “The proposed 20-week limit was predicated on the assumption that fetuses can feel pain beyond 20 weeks, but other citations suggest that does not occur until at least 24 weeks, or roughly the beginning of the third trimester.” Initially, the committee was deadlocked on the bill, the vote stalling at 7-7, but were in the end swayed after hearing testimony from a woman who had decided to have a late-term abortion after the proposed 20-week cutoff upon learning her child would be born with a myriad of health issues that would have ultimately bankrupted her family. Just two weeks ago, however, Rep. Trent Franks (R-AZ) introduced similar legislation in Congress. — Fatima Najiy