Morning CheckUp: March 2, 2012

Biden says administration ‘screwed up’ contraception rule: Vice President Biden acknowledged the administration “screwed up” the first iteration of the contraception mandate, which eventually was changed in an atempt to please angry Catholic leaders. [The Hill]

Lawmakers grill Sebelius on reform: “Delayed regulations, implementation costs of the healthcare reform law, and mandated contraception coverage in health plans were among the top issues Thursday at a congressional hearing featuring HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius as the sole witness.” [Modern Healthcare]

GOP pushes for abortion free MIssissippi: “The 2012 Mississippi legislature is considering nearly two dozen bills and constitutional amendments all aimed at limiting abortion in a state that already has one of the lowest abortion rates in the country and just one abortion clinic.” [Kaiser Health News]

Ultrasound bill goes to McDonnell: “After a final day of passionate debate, the House of Delegates on Thursday agreed to Senate amendments to an ultrasound abortion bill that has raised eyebrows across the country, sending it on to Gov. Bob McDonnell for his signature.” [Richmond Times Dispatch]

Is birth control the new abortion: “More and more, in states across the country, it is becoming clear; birth control is the new abortion. Abortion has always been a divisive issue, wrapped up in questions of morality and human rights. Birth control, on the other hand, has enjoyed widespread popularity and support for decades.” [Boston Globe]

Medicaid efficiency plan: “Six former governors endorsed a new Bipartisan Policy Center report calling for the federal government to allow states greater flexibility in how they run their Medicaid programs.” [The Hill]