Morning CheckUp: March 5, 2012

Santorum argued for more government involvement in health care in 1993: During a fiery debate in 1993, “Santorum said it would be a mistake to allow the delivery of health care services to be determined only by the market. He asserted that Republicans were ‘wrong’ to let the ‘marketplace’ decide how health care works. He instead argued that government should play a “proactive” role in shaping the health care marketplace ‘to make it work better.'” [Mother Jones]

Health care jobs on the rise in Kansas: The healthcare sector continues to be a boon to the Kansas job market, according to a report from the state hospital association (PDF). The report found that the Kansas healthcare sector employs 11.4% of job holders there, or a total of 212,252 workers—making it the fifth-largest producer of income and sales in the state.” [Modern Healthcare]

‘Gang of 10’ working on secret deficit plan: “A small, bipartisan group of lawmakers in both the House and Senate are secretly drafting deficit grand bargain legislation that cuts entitlements and raises new revenue. [The Hill]

When states abuse women: “Under a new law that took effect three weeks ago with the strong backing of Gov. Rick Perry, she first must typically endure an ultrasound probe inserted into her vagina. Then she listens to the audio thumping of the fetal heartbeat and watches the fetus on an ultrasound screen.” [NYT]

Abortion bill imperils NH’s $1.4B Medicaid program: “A House bill aimed at cutting off taxpayer funding to hospitals, clinics, doctors and others who perform elective abortions could put New Hampshire’s $1.4 billion annual Medicaid program in jeopardy.” [AP]