CAUGHT ON TAPE: Romney Says Massachusetts Reform Could Serve As A Model For The Nation

During a town hall in Ohio this morning, Mitt Romney responded to claims that he has previously called for Massachusetts health care reform to serve as a template for expanding coverage nationwide and emphatically denied the allegations. “Very early on, we were asked — is what you’ve done in Massachusetts something you would have the entire government do, the federal government do? I said no, from the very beginning,” Romney explained.

The claim is simply untrue. Since he signed reform into law in 2006, the former Massachusetts governor repeatedly urged the federal government to follow suit:

— 2006 — Q: Is this something you think Washington should consider for the whole country? ROMNEY: Well, there are some aspects of what we’re doing that could be applicable to the rest of the country.

— 2007 — ROMNEY: Our program is based on a private model health insurance program and that model will work for the nation.

— 2008 — Q: Although, you backed away from mandates on a national basis…? ROMNEY: No, no, I like mandates. The mandates work.

— 2009 — Q: Should the President be looking at Massachusetts as a model for lowering health care costs? ROMNEY: Massachusetts is a model for getting everyone insured.

Watch it:

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