GALLUP: States Resisting Affordable Care Act Have Highest Percentages Of Uninsured

Gallup released a study last week examining uninsurance rates in all fifty states. Interestingly, the states suffer the most pronounced health care crises are not only refusing to do anything about the problem, but in many cases are actively fighting efforts to implement the Affordable Care Act.

According to Gallup, Texas has the highest rate of uninsured residents among all 50 states, with 27.6 percent of the state lacking health insurance and the uninsurance rate is above 20 percent in each of the bottom 11 states. Meanwhile, Massachusetts, the state with the model for the federal health care law, enjoys the lowest percentage of uninsured residents, at 4.9 percent:

Twenty-seven states are suing the federal government to block implementation of the ACA and of the 11 states with the worst rates of uninsured residents, only California and Arkansas have not joined the lawsuits. (An Arkansas citizens group has filed a case of its own.) But compare the Gallup study to previous research from the Kaiser Family Foundation, which found that Republican-represented districts, including those in states fighting the law, could see more residents get coverage than Democratic-represented areas. The areas with the highest rates of uninsured also stand to gain the most from the law’s coverage expansions:

Zachary Bernstein