Morning CheckUp: March 9, 2012

Did health reform cost Democrats the House?: “Brendan Nyhan, Eric McGhee, John Sides, Seth Masket and Steven Greene analyzed how Democratic supporters of the health reform law fared in the last round of House elections. They found that, on average, ‘the vote share of Democrats who supported health care reform was 5.8 points lower than that of the most comparable Democrats who opposed the bill.'” [Washington Post]

Personhood supporters push another Mississippi ballot initiative: “Mississippi groups that oppose abortion said Thursday they want voters to again cast ballots on a state constitutional amendment to define life as beginning at conception. The so-called “personhood amendment” was defeated by a wide margin when it appeared on the November 2011 ballot. Similar amendments died in the legislature this session.” [AP]

Democratic senators press Boehner to stop birth control vote: “Twelve Democratic women senators urged House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) on Thursday not to hold a vote on controversial proposals to let religious employers opt out of the Obama administration’s contraception mandate. Republicans are downplaying the issue on their own after losing a Senate vote last week and seeing their narrative sidetracked by radio host Rush Limbaugh. Democrats have framed the issue around women’s health, rather than religious freedom.” [The Hill]

Enrollment lags for high-risk insurance pools: “One of the most popular provisions of the Affordable Care Act — cheap insurance plans for people with medical conditions that prevent them from getting coverage anywhere else — has run into a couple of snags. Though nearly everyone agrees a lifeline for sick people is needed, these new so-called high-risk insurance plans have attracted fewer than 50,000 — far less than the 375,000 Congress anticipated.” [Stateline]

Protesters rally against Idaho ultrasound bill: “More than 200 people gathered at a rally on the Idaho state capitol steps [Thursday] to protest against SB 1349, the bill to require Idaho women to undergo an ultrasound before they can have an abortion. The measure is scheduled for a committee hearing next Wednesday.” [The Spokane-Review]