Now That He Is 65, Mitt Romney Will Not Enroll In Medicare

Mitt Romney is celebrating his 65th birthday today, officially making him eligible for Medicare benefits. But he will not enroll in the program, his campaign confirms to BuzzFeed. The former Massachusetts governor has called for reducing the growth rate of Social Security benefits for higher-income future retirees, so in a way, as Zeke Miller points out, Romney is practicing what he preaches by not accepting Medicare.

But Romney is worth an estimated $250 million, so he has the resources to afford insurance without Medicare. Most beneficiaries who have paid into the program throughout their careers do not have Romney’s vast resources and rely on Medicare benefits. And there is nothing wrong with accepting benefits when they’ve already paid into them. Rather than make a show of not enrolling in Medicare, Romney could better serve the program’s beneficiaries by not planning to destroy Medicare as we know it.