Obama Campaign Launches New ‘I Like Obamacare’ Page

The Obama campaign is looking to dispel any notion that it is running away from the president’s signature accomplishment — the passage of the Affordable Care Act — and has launched a new petition fully embracing the law on its second birthday. The site, titled “I Like Obamacare,” takes full ownership of the moniker Republicans have assigned to the measure in an effort to disparage it and asks Americans to add their support:

Interestingly, despite the fact that critics of the law have outspent its supporters three-to-one on television ads, “public opinion on the healthcare overhaul has been split almost evenly since Obama signed the law two years ago.” Recent polls have shown that the law may be gaining wider acceptance over time.

Obama first embraced “Obamacare” during a stop on his bus tour through the Midwest in August of 2011. “I have no problem with folks saying ‘Obama Cares.’ I do care. If the other side wants to be the folks who don’t care, that’s fine with me,” he said.


The campaign has also launched a new Facebook page around the initiative.

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