Morning CheckUp: April 2, 2012

Biden predicts court will uphold Obamacare: “Vice President Joe Biden predicts the Supreme Court will uphold the new health care law, despite the blundering defense of the administration’s signature accomplishment by Solicitor General Donald Verrilli.” [Politico]

Health exchanges have fans in some states: “A handful of states say they are planning to press ahead and voluntarily implement a key part of the 2010 federal health-care law even if it is wiped out by the Supreme Court.” [WSJ]

House Republicans struggle to find support for Medicare reform: “The GOP has been ramping up its argument that Democrats have, in the past, supported “premium support” reforms despite the party’s united attacks against the proposal ahead of the November elections. They are trying to persuade voters that Republicans have a bipartisan plan to save the program from bankruptcy, while painting Democrats as hypocrites out to scare seniors.” [The Hill]

Kansas legislature considers letting pharmacists deny drugs that “might” cause abortions: “A new bill working its way through the Kansas legislature could set a major precedent when it comes to defining how much latitude a pharmacist has in dispensing drugs. According to the Kansas City Star, the new bill would “bar anyone from being required to prescribe or administer a drug they ‘reasonably believe’ might result in the termination of a pregnancy.” [RH RealityCheck]

Babies take longer to come out than they did in grandma’s day: “The typical first-time mother takes 6 1/2 hours to give birth these days. Her counterpart 50 years ago labored for barely four hours. That’s the striking conclusion of a new federal study that compared nearly 140,000 births from two time periods.” [NPR]