Rep. Nan Hayworth Blasts Obamacare As Family-Run Medical Group Takes Advantage

Despite railing against the health care law, several of its Republican opponents are benefiting from it. This hypocrisy extends to states challenging the constitutionality of the law and even members of Congress who voted to repeal the measure.

On Tuesday, the Department of Health and Human Services released a list of 27 Accountable Care Organizations, groups that will serve Medicare beneficiaries under the law. Among them is the Accountable Care Coalition of Mount Kisco, featuring the Mount Kisco Medical Group. That organization’s CEO is Dr. Scott Hayworth, husband of Rep. Nan Hayworth (R-NY). Rep. Hayworth, for her part, worked at the clinic as a partner and received $56,800 in contributions from the group in this election cycle and $78,550 in 2010 — more money that she accepted from any other organization or company.

But Rep. Hayworth, who was endorsed by Tea Party groups, has also spoken out against the law her company is now participating in, describing it as a “disaster” :

— “The government would be making decisions about what type of care is given, what procedures can be performed, and the kind of medications prescribed. It would be a very profound change from the ideal to which we aspire.”(Newsmax, Mar. 28, 2011)

— “It will not achieve the goals that – the beneficial goals that we wanted it to have. It will add to the cost of care, it does not address the fundamental drivers of cost that are unique in this country, namely liability issues, and the fact that we like to have choice and competition, and if we ignore those things, we will raise the cost of care.” (Fox Business, Mar. 14, 2012)

— “This massive law that has its second anniversary has already resulted in skyrocketing health care premiums for folks across the country. Small businesses, in particular in a state like New York, are finding it very, very difficult to afford to insure themselves. It’s a disaster.” (TRN Central Health, Mar. 21, 2012)

We all honor the goals of the Affordable Care Act but this law increases spending, raises taxes, and destroys jobs. With this vote to repeal we are listening to the American people and fulfilling our promise. (Politics on the Hudson, Jan. 20, 2011)

Far from being disastrous, the measure may prove to be quite profitable for Hayworth, her husband, and largest campaign contributor.

(HT: Inside Health Policy)

Zachary Bernstein