Democratic Trustee Dismisses Study Claiming Obamacare Will Add To Deficit

Jonathan Chait asked the other Medicare actuary — Robert Reischauer — what he thought of Charles Blahous’ claim that the Affordable Care Act would add at least $340 billion to the federal deficit over the next decade. Reischauer didn’t have anything nice to say: “Under accepted CBO and OMB scoring practices, legislated reductions in Medicare HI spending both reduce the deficit and strengthen the HI trust fund. That has been the case under both D and R Congresses and administrations. Chuck’s ‘revelation’ is not a new charge. Some argued this point when the ACA was enacted. It remains as misleading today as it did earlier.” Interestingly, during an appearance on Washington Journal on Friday, Blahous admitted, “I certainly didn’t do [the study] wearing my hat as a Trustee.” Instead, he developed the study for the Koch-funded Mercatus Center.