Morning CheckUp: May 2, 2012

Massachusetts payment-reform bill would overhaul how health-care providers are paid: “In 2006, under Gov. Mitt Romney, Massachusetts became the first state to extend insurance coverage to all its residents. Now it’s looking to slow the growth of its health-care costs in equally groundbreaking ways.” [Washington Post]

In Massachusetts, hope for higher salaries if health care inflation slows: “As Massachusetts’ state legislators put the finishing touches on a major health care cost-control bill, there is still one big question: How much could it save? A recent report claims employers and employees could see between $8 billion and $34.5 billion in savings over nine years.” [WBUR]

Advocates worry states are moving too fast on dual eligibles: “Some states likely will begin testing new ways to care for people who qualify for both Medicare and Medicaid early next year—a timeline that has some advocates urging officials to slow down.” [Kaiser Health News]

$728 million awarded for health-center projects: “HHS awarded $728 million for nearly 400 community health-center construction and renovation projects. Of the amount, 171 health centers received $629 million to expand facilities and capacity, and improve services, according to an HHS news release. Another $99.3 million was awarded to 227 health centers to fund projects related to facility needs and equipment.” [Modern Healthcare]

Legislation to avoid mandatory cuts awaits budget panel: “Next week, House Budget Committee members will consider legislation that includes healthcare spending reductions and the repeal of some provisions of the reform law as part of a package to avoid across-the-board cuts to federal programs set to begin next year.” [Modern Healthcare]