Dolan Admits Catholics Don’t Agree With Church’s Birth Control Prohibition 

Catholic bishops have loudly opposed the Obama administration’s plan to expand contraception access, despite the fact that a majority of Catholics disagree with the church’s position. New York Cardinal Timothy Dolan even has claimed that expanding access to birth control would spread “secularism.” But in an interview with MSNBC’s Chris Jansing, Dolan conceded that most Catholics reject the Church’s prohibition on birth control and likely support the administration’s compromise:

CHRIS JANSING (MSNBC HOST): Do you think Catholics will vote on the birth control issue, for example?

DOLAN: No, I don’t think they’d do that. […] You are right, and many people are right, when they say bishops, I don’t know if you’ve got your people with you on the specific issue of contraception.

Watch the MSNBC interview here starting at 2:30:

A recent Gallup poll shows that Catholics are not turning away from President Obama because of the contraception debate. Even though the Catholic Church has attacked the Obama administration, Obama has a six-point lead over Mitt Romney, who opposes the contraception regulation, among Catholic voters.