Morning CheckUp: May 7, 2012

Bill prohibits NH from creating health exchange: “The Senate is considering barring New Hampshire officials from planning, creating or participating in a state health care exchange. Supporters argue even a state health care exchange would be federally controlled, and the bill would help force Congress to repeal the federal health care law.” [Boston Globe]

Vermont, Minnesota move ahead with payment reforms: “While most states are waiting for the Supreme Court to decide the fate of the Affordable Care Act, two states – Vermont and Minnesota – are already harnessing it to both establish health insurance exchanges and to drive healthcare delivery and payment reforms.” [Healthcare Payer News]

California pulls abortion expansion measure: “A controversial proposal to allow some nurses, midwives and physician’s assistants to perform certain first-trimester abortions was pulled by its author Friday as she acknowledged it lacked the votes to pass a key legislative committee.” [LA Times]

Abortion restrictions take effect: “When the law takes effect, Utah will have the longest enforced waiting period in the country. About half of the states require a woman to wait for 24 hours for an abortion after receiving counseling from a medical professional, according to the reproductive health organization Guttmacher Institute….The abortion waiting period is one of about 275 new laws going into effect Tuesday. Other notable laws include tighter restrictions on when people can shoot fireworks and an increased bounty for killing coyotes.” [The Republic]

Connecticut passes a marijuana bill: “The Connecticut Senate passed a bill on Saturday legalizing the use of marijuana for medical purposes, with tight restrictions intended to avoid the problems that have plagued some of the other states where it is now legal.” [NYT]