Rite Aid Pharmacy Refuses To Sell Emergency Contraception To New Jersey Man

The ACLU is demanding that Rite Aid stop allegedly discriminating against men when selling emergency contraception after the pharmacy refused to sell Plan B to a New Jersey man.

Even though FDA guidelines approved over-the-counter sales of Plan B to anyone 17 or older, Andrew Andrade said staff at the Jersey City Rite Aid would not sell it to him because Andrade is a man:

“I was thinking if this guy doesn’t sell me this pill then I’m going to have a bigger problem than I already have,” said Andrade.

Andrade says he desperately needed emergency contraception and his girlfriend couldn’t pick it up because she was at work. […]

“I was a little upset. I said let me speak to the manager. Maybe the manager knows a little bit more about this. They introduced me to the pharmacy manager and he said I cannot sell the pill to you because I was a male,” he said.

Andrade eventually bought the morning-after pill at another pharmacy down the street, and he alerted the ACLU of New Jersey about Rite Aid’s refusal. The state ACLU sent a letter to Rite Aid’s corporate headquarters asking it to “instruct its employees on the law, provide the ACLU with a copy of its guidelines, and apologize to Andrade.”

Rite Aid spokeswoman Ashley Flower said the company’s policy is to provide emergency contraception to any man or woman who asks for it as long as they have a valid ID showing they’re at least 17.

But this is not the first time a pharmacy has refused to sell emergency contraception to a man. A CVS in Texas refused to sell to a man in January and suggested he was a rapist for needing it. Pharmacists at Walgreens have also refused to sell to men, most recently in Georgia and Alabama. And after pharmacists had failed to fill birth control prescriptions and requests the morning-after pill, Walmart instituted a storewide policy requiring pharmacies to provide these medications.