Bachmann Says Democrats Will Be To Blame If Supreme Court’s Health Ruling Increases Costs

Michele Bachmann says Democrats will be to blame for loss of health benefits and increasing health care costs if the Supreme Court overturns the Affordable Care Act on Thursday.

During an appearance on Laura Ingrahm’s radio show today, Bachmann was asked how the GOP — which is pressing the high court to strike down the law in its entirety — would respond if “all the people under 26 who [are] thrown off their parents policies” and the possibility of Americans with pre-existing conditions being denied access to health insurance. Bachmann promised that the party would lay out broad principles for reform and push through free-market health care reforms, before suggesting that Democrats would oppose their effort and would thus be responsible for families losing access to health care coverage and suffering from higher costs:

BACHMANN: I would be more than happy to push that, but again, we’re dealing with a Harry Reid, a Democratically-controlled senate. They want nothing to do with freedom. They want nothing to do with bringing down the cost. All they want is a government-directed program. We want a people and doctor protected program.